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S.U.E Wiki is an (in-progress) online log of all the editors/videos of SUMV's (Steven Universe Music Video). We are currently working on having a list of all the SUMV's and their editor's with descriptions that include information about styles and episodes used, editor descriptions, and more.

New Popular Steven Universe MEPs

MEP: Multiple Editor Project


Crush - Steven Universe IC

Here's Gemthetics' Iron Chef MEP that they uploaded on June 11th, 2017. The participant's of this MEP was ColorfulFiction, Peonatt, Jason's Tea, Sinful Krebi, Josh Quartz, Taizanite, NightGems, RosesRoom, HollowFlows, Opal Universe, Vyuaa (Law.Aura), Steven Edits and Gemstherics themselves. The song used for this MEP is Jennifer Paige - Crush (Goshfather and Jinco x Jaykode Edition). Enjoy!

Steven Universe - Fortress MEP

Here's Oscar's Universe's MEP that they uploaded on April 6th, 2017. The participant's of this MEP was Fusion Feels, Bubbled Tea, Sourcefuls, PeridotDork, Yoshxi, MomClubb, Vyuaa, Raneeah, Opal Universe, Quartzism, Peonatt, Fierros Galaxy, Gemisly, Rroses Room, Peridotte Edits, Steven Univrse, QuartzGemz, Crystxl.Gems, Aesthetic Opal, EricksVids, Crystal Fusion, and The Dorito Squad. The song used for this MEP is Illenium - Fortress (Ft. Joni Fatora).



Here's Saffron.exe's MEP that they uploaded on March 28th, 2017. The participants of this MEP was Funtime Edits, Intergalactic Dreamer, Megaclod, Dorkish, Hiraskull, Hyakoz, SnowyGemz, TaiEditz, Cynical, Peonatt, Black Fade, Nyooomie, Newtverse, Saffron.exe, Citric XY, Stevon.xe, and Steven's Edits. The song used for this MEP is Kiss The Sky by Cash Cash.


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